You may hear of professional development training and think, “No thanks, already trained and good!” but you may be mistaken. Simply because you have been initially trained in your career and know the necessary skills, you may not know everything there is to succeed. Here at Training Source One, we strive to propel everyone forward in their careers by offering the Train The Trainer Program, an excellent resource for anyone wanting to gain more knowledge in their skillset to continue training individuals.


The Importance of Learning

Many people think that once they’ve learned a skill set for a job, they are free of training and learning. But that is not true. You are always learning, no matter where you are. And when you’re working, the skills you need to do your job can always change. The phrase “The only constant is change” never rang truer than today, where everything doesn’t stay consistent for long, and that includes your job.


Train The Trainer Program

If you are interested in doing more for your company and employees and boost your knowledge and skills, Train The Trainer (TTT) may be the program for you.


Ideally, bolstering your training program is a great way to invest in the future by ensuring that you are staying on top of all you can offer to your clients and your team.

Training Source One’s Train The Trainer Program will catapult your knowledge and skills and provide you with a blueprint to structure your training according to your organization’s needs. There are two different aspects to TTT, one involving experienced trainers the opportunity to partner via our trainer membership plans, also offering CEUs with their coursework. The second aspect is to mentor new and aspiring trainers to build their brand and prepare training and workshops from concept to delivery. The TTT Program contains ten information-packed modules for new and experienced trainers alike. You can receive the program in three easy ways, whether it’s through our online course, our workbook, or our ebook.


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If you’re interested in the Train The Trainer Program, along with any other professional development training workshops, Training Source One is for you. Offering on-site small and large seminars, online courses, and accredited training in various areas, we give you the expertise you need to help yourself or your employees excel at their job. Call us today! 

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