In celebration of International Women’s Month, we at Training Source One (TS1) know the power of female leadership first-hand. As a woman-led company, one of our central missions is to empower women through leadership training and professional development training. Although there are many benefits to women leadership, there are barriers preventing women from taking on leadership roles. Read on to learn what they are and how TS1 can help overcome them.


Mrs. A’s Path Towards Leadership Training 

Meet Alicia M. Williams, founder and CEO of Training Source One. Like many women, she began life with big dreams. Without a clear path to realizing them, Mrs. A, as she is affectionately known, began her career as an educator. While she loved inspiring others to grow, she knew she wanted something bigger. Finally, in 2014, she registered the company name “Training Source One” with the dream of providing professional development training.


For Mrs. A, the key to success is not living according to the expectations of others. This is difficult for many women who manage gender expectations that give mixed messages. Instead, Mrs. A coaches clients to cultivate resilience by following their inner passion and by faithfully following up on all of life’s opportunities.


Professional Development Training To Create Agents Of Change 

Recent findings from the advocacy group Women Deliver are clear. When women become involved in the leadership of countries, legislatures and businesses, marked performance improvements can be seen across various categories. Yet, women remain vastly underrepresented in these spheres. Why?


Gender parity does not happen on its own. It happens through systemic change. At Training Source One, we provide tools that foster an empowered work environment through on-site training for small and large groups, tailoring a plan to cater to specific organizational needs. For individuals feeling exhausted from “going it alone,” TS1 can provide a community of support necessary to keep you fighting another day.


While negative attitudes about the ability of women leaders prevent women from higher leadership positions, inequality in the home itself is another. Juggling household and work duties make it difficult for many women to commit to career enhancement opportunities, leaving talented women floating in mid-level positions.


These kinds of barriers are often considered invisible because a male-dominated society does not face these issues, and does not know they exist. As a woman-led company, we at Training Source One see this barrier and face it head-on. Flexible course offerings allow women to fit training into their schedules without sacrificing quality. By including phone and email support as well as instructor feedback, our virtual training, pre-recorded webinars, and digital downloads empower women on their schedules.


The Way Forward

Empowered women empower women, period. At Training Source One, we know that change doesn’t happen on its own. Change happens when dedicated individuals stand together using their resources and skills to uplift those around them. Our ultimate goal is to empower you so that you can be the change you want to see. We offer various modes of instruction, all with personal support and follow-up, allowing you to reach your professional development training goals at your own pace without sacrificing quality.


Contact Us 

If you’re ready to get started making your dreams come true, call us! At Training Source One, we offer you tools that deliver the leadership training you need to move your career forward. Contact us today, and let us know what your next move will be.

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