ABC’s Of Childcare Leadership


Leadership requires you to develop, support, empower and motivate a staff team, as well as model a high standard of practice, knowledge, and care. Childcare staff members who are empowered and motivated will present themselves as loyal, committed and will partner with you to provide a high- quality learning environment. Consequently, families that are empowered and motivated, will eagerly cooperate with you and your staff to shape the minds and the hearts of their children.

In this training, participants will:

  1. Review the roles and responsibilities of a childcare leader
  2. Examine five qualities of an effective childcare leader
  3. Learn the ABC’s of childcare leadership



There is so much that goes into proper and effective leadership. The understanding of how to be in charge of a situation, yet not commanding. It is about preparing for anything without having to hold a million possible scenarios in your head. It’s also about making sure that you can understand what responsibilities sit where and how to keep everything together safely and without losing your mind. And all that’s just the basics.

The strongest leaders come from carefully designed leadership training programs targeted to help each participant feel like they have the tools to find success in the future, no matter how things change. A true leader is someone who can adapt to everything and feel prepared for it.

While leadership matters in childcare
There’s no better way to understand that proper training for leadership in childcare is mission-critical. Childcare is stressful and exhausting at the best of times, and then there’s the fact that little ones look to their leaders as guides for how to act in their life. No pressure, right? Exactly.

When you’re working in early childcare education, you have more responsibilities and less space to balance them all. You also have many hats to wear when it comes to providing a healthy, safe and fair environment for both children and the other team members.


While leadership training in a general sense is always a great idea, you’re going to want to consider the focused online ABC’s of Childcare Leadership Training. This is a carefully designed early education online training program and will help anyone who wants to make sure that they are putting their best foot forward. This online childcare leader training program has 3 main goals:

  • Accepting responsibilities and understanding roles in leadership: You can’t be an effective leader if you don’t know the parameters of being a leader in childcare, right?
  • Creating a focused leader: Childcare leaders have 5 critical qualities that go into making them their strongest and most focused in every situation. These will be introduced to you so that you can see what authentic leadership involves.
  • Your ABC’s of childcare leadership: We’ll go right back to your very own alphabet and show you how it’s done.

The stronger a leader you are, the stronger the people around you can be. Proper education and training go a long way to helping you understand what to do and gives you the confidence to go out there and do it. And it’s all waiting in this early education online training program to transform your career path for the better!


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