Becoming an Eduprenuer

My Journey to Building a Profitable Training Business from Scratch

“Becoming an Eduprenuer” is filled with tips, strategies, templates and resources that will help reduce the learning curve for training providers who are looking to start or develop their business, increase their profits and position themselves to show up and serve within your industries in excellence.

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 – Alicia M. Williams

In The Book

The Journey

As I look back on how I began educating others, I realize that I have always loved teaching. From transferring knowledge to the technical aspect of the role. However, If I were to pinpoint the reason for the trajectory that I followed as an educator, it would be an experience that I had at the age of three

Designing a Training

Designing and producing an effective training course or workshop session depends heavily on your training design. Not only will you need to ensure the content and material is factually correct, but you will also have to present it in a way that is easily digested by your participants. When preparing Training Source One to be an accredited training provider, I created the “C.O.U.R.S.E.S.” technique for designing training. The technique is according to accrediting guidelines and assures all the boxes are checked

Steps to Becoming a Training Provider

In today’s competitive market, every business strives to gain an advantage over the competition. This is also true in the field of continuing education and training. With that said, accreditation gives adult learners confidence in an organization's education or training program. Adhering to the standard of an accrediting body proclaims that your organization and its Continuing Education and Training (CET) programs are aligned to provide Continuing Education Units (CEUS).

Book Chapters


1:  The Journey

2:  7 Must-Haves When Building a Professional Development Training Business

3:  Branding Your Training Business

4:  Designing Your Signature Training

5:  Offering Your Training

6:  Presenting Your Training

7:  Steps to Becoming an Accredited Training Provider

Alicia standing behind a chair

Alicia M. Williams

Alicia M. Williams, affectionately known as “Mrs. A”, is the CEO and founder of Training Source One, the home of The TS1 Training Academy. As a certified corporate trainer and speaker, she provides flexible and convenient training options, technical assistance and support services on behalf of individuals and organizations who wish to achieve their professional goals.
As one of the few S-corporations who is nationally accredited, Training Source One offers in person trainings and workshops, as well as virtual and teleconference. As a professional development coach, Alicia helps women training professionals build a profitable business from the inside out.
Her clients receive: 1. Group coaching 2. 1:1 Coaching 3. And a personal and professional growth environment. During those times, her clients learn how to STRUCTURE their trainings, SERVE their clients with excellence and SCALE their business.

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