As a nationally accredited training provider, Training Source One (TS1) provides a range of training, technical assistance, and support services to various individuals and organizations to strengthen their professional development persona. From practical and engaging in-service workshops to virtual & and hybrid training. Training Source One (TS1) provides the tools, training, and technical assistance that you need to foster a positive, empowered work environment. Each of our professional development trainings have been crafted according to formal education, research, and direct hands-on experiences. The application of knowledge is easily transferred and applied within any organization.

Our unparalleled approach to training and education is rooted in the belief that a personal, holistic approach is most effective in guiding our clients toward their goals with a passionate and enthusiastic team cheering them on. Our priority is delivering first-class training that is flexible, convenient, and tailored to your organization’s goals

It is our belief that not only is it impactful when leaders empower their staff, but also strategic when they place them in a position to take control of their roles through professional development training.

Four of the most important benefits under our program include:

– Live Instruction

– Customizable Hands-on Training

– Flexible training options

– Technical Assistance and Coaching


To provide high quality professional development trainings to individuals interested in elevating their craft around the world.


To be nationally acclaimed as the chosen provider and most trusted partner in the learning and development industry.


Trainings within our organization from Mrs. A. lends over three decades of experience working with numerous private and public facilities and organizations. Our mission is accomplished through sharing strategies, tips and most importantly current and relevant techniques that can be utilized within organizations immediately. The application of knowledge is easily transferred and applied within your organization.