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As a nationally accredited training provider, Training Source One (TS1) provides a range of training, technical assistance, and support services to various individuals and organizations to strengthen their professional development persona.

What We Provide


Early Education Training And Technical Assistance

Our early education courses can be used toward your Child Development Associate (CDA) training and renewal, Director’s Credential renewal training, Staff Credential renewal training and NAFCC Renewal training.....


Corporate Training

Training within our organization lends over three decades of experience working with numerous private and public facilities and organizations. Our mission is accomplished through sharing strategies, tips, and most ...


Coaching Program

The “Ready 2 Train” program was strategically crafted to provide training providers with the knowledge of creating and delivering engaging workshops and training that will inspire their audience to become change agents within the organization.




Most organization’s perspective of training their staff include having the employee to log on a course, complete it and print the certificate as proof.  They feel that once a skill set for a job is learned, they are free of assuring training and learning. But that is not true. You are always learning, and when you’re working, the skills you need to do your job can always change. The phrase “The only constant is change” never rang truer than today, where everything doesn’t stay consistent for long, and that includes roles and responsibilities for staff.

Three benefits of our Corporate Training Include:

Training Source One (TS1) provides the tools, training, and technical assistance that you need to foster a positive, empowered work environment.  Our mission is accomplished through sharing strategies, tips and most importantly current and relevant techniques that can be utilized within your organization immediately.




There is also an opportunity for you to come and partner with TS1 through our “Train the Trainer Program.” What is “Train the Trainer”? It is an opportunity for knowledgeable and experienced trainers and facilitators to partner via our various trainer membership plans and offer continuing education units along with their courses if they choose to do so!